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Hi Cat/@Hooman!

Gosh, thank you for taking so much time and energy to show your suggestions! Mock ups!

I like all your suggestions, esp. map locations being more specific. And the mock-up looks sweet.

I want to give you fair warning as simply another member, because I’d hate for you to feel like your efforts weren’t being fruitful: Improvements on TH are unpredictable. Speaking simply from my own observations and reading on the forums, as a new sitter (late 2022).

I’m sure the TH staff are always working on improving and fixing things, but it’s not clear to us users what happens behind closed doors. Stuff like the size of the tech team, whether they spend a lot of time on bugs vs features vs app vs website, or how priorities/decisions are chosen. Of course, many companies are like that <cough>Google<cough>.

Personally, if I really want an improvement in TH, I might do an 80% effort suggesting it (e.g., a mock-up 80% perfect, definitely not 100%), then I’ll just make the best with what we’ve got. That in itself can be a fun challenge. =)

For example, I’m sure some people track their TH applications in a separate spreadsheet.


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your response. Yes the map location would also be my no 1 thing.

I didn’t really have any exceptions, I just thought you never know… someone might read it! :crossed_fingers:

All the best,