Search sit filters changing

Hi @Shannon - that’s exactly the problem we have. The search function just takes you back to the main screen and you can’t refine by date or pet type or sit duration.

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A couple more clues - when typing the name, “Anywhere” doesn’t show in the list until typing “Anywh” - not “A”, “An”, “Any”, “Anyw” - though other destinations do work and the list shortens when the additional letters are entered.

I was able to do somewhat of a workaround by doing a search for another destination, United States, saving the search, then changing the destination to Anywhere and saving it as a new search. Sometimes it does bring up Anywhere and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Nice thinking :raised_hands:t3:

When I am typing anywhere in my iPhone it shows there are currently 6335 sits worldwide but it will only let me view 21 of them, I also tried selecting a location so I entered California, it tells me there are 385 sits accepting applications but again I can only view about 30 sits.
Is anyone else having this particular issue today?
Also as @jcvbva mentioned I now have to type “anywh” before anywhere will come up.

@Samox24 Thanks for raising this.

Are you using the browser on your iPhone rather than the app? Is there no next button at the end of the list of listings? Just so I add the correct information to the tech team. Please can you send me some screenshots and I will add this to the case for the tech team.

I have also shared the fact you now have to type most of the word ‘anywhere’ for it to come up.

Thank you for everyone’s on going patience whilst this is looked into.

Hi @Carla_C I am using the App and no there is no next button. After the last house sit that I can view it is just a continuous blank white page. I will DM you some screenshots now.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Carla_C Update… my “anywhere” and “California” search are now showing all of the sits… yay!

Could be part of the issues since the new release on 28tb July, basically the app isn’t working properly for anything anymore.

We’re not getting any search notifications on my I-phone (android yes), constantly being logged out on I-phone (not android and is siting on same wifi) and the anywhere search function isn’t working on either device. Makes the app pretty useless all round right now!..#beyondannoying #pleasehurryupandfixthis

There is another thread about this, basically the app isn’t working since the most recent update on 28July

I noticed recently that when I look at my saved searches the map that used to be on the right side of the page is not there. Also, when you click on see map it does not have the +/- to let you enlarge or reduce the search. It puts the available sits on the bottom of the page and a cut off view of the map on the top of the page. Not sure who’s idea this was and why they thought it was a good one as it is now very difficult to search now. PLEASE change it back to the way it was! Thanks

You just need a wide browser window for that.

On a mobile device, you may need to use the browser in landscape mode.

I am using a Laptop and it worked fine up until last week. So, I believe that there was some sort of update where it changed. It has nothing to do with landscape mode.

There was an earlier thread:

With screenshots. My guess is still that your browser window is not sufficiently wide. Or that you had pressed something to increase font size maybe.

My view of the map has not changed, I just checked to be sure.

@Carla_C I never heard anything from Membership Services on this. Searching for “Anywhere” on the iPhone app still bounces me back to the main screen with no results. I deleted and reinstalled the app just now and the problem persists.

Hi @jcvbva as @Carla_C is offline at the moment I will tag @Angela_L to have a look for you

We’re the same as @jcvbva @Samox24 - it allows no filter to refine even the dates for an “anywhere” Search but just flicks you back to generic home page again :flushed:

Thank you for the update @Cuttlefish can I just confirm, have you sent an email about this to Sorry if you have already but I just want to check first

Hi @jcvbva @Cuttlefish … as @Samox24 says @Carla_C is offline I will forward to Membership Services with a reminder to connect.

Yes but ages ago and no fix as yet @Samox24 :+1:t3: