Sunsets and sunrises

Ahh yes we have seen the green flash twice, we were lucky enough to see it in Lima, Peru and St Lucia but sadly the same as you, we didn’t manage to get a photo.

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So pretty there. Next time I’m in Oswestry we should make effort to meet up if you fancy a trip out.

Sounds like a plan :+1:t4::blush:

That is stunning @Foldor13 all we could see was … nothing (heavy, heavy rain)

Taken this weekend at Surf City, North Carolina on Topsail Island.


All of these from San Juan Island, Washington.
Sunsets off the west side of the island looking over Haro Strait to 'Vancouver Island, BC

Sunrise looking east over Friday Harbor. Snow capped peak in the gap between the trees is Mt Baker on the mainland

Sunset but looking east over Friday Harbor. A bit of a red rainbow in the center. Vancouver Island sometimes creates these eastern sunset red sky’s in the east.


Golden Bay, Malta, 10 days ago


From my window


You have my attention.
Stunning. Thank you so very much.

Daybreak in snowy Vermont


We have a friend who is a true sunset enthusiast and he takes a sunset picture every single
day :rofl:
We are not as obsessed but I found quite a few sunrise/sunsets in our Google photo gallery. Here are a few you might enjoy.

Most are from Florida (spectacular place for sunsets), a few from California, one from Bulgaria with the windmill, last one is the from PHX Sky Harbor airport.


Spectacular captures!

Stunning images … thank you for sharing @BunnyCat

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