TH Newbies, Digital Nomad Couple from FR & USA

Howdy ya’ll! We are Valentin and Caroline and since January this year we have been nomads… which has been quite a terrifying and difficult experience yet exhilarating and so liberating! We are coming to Australia for Christmas (a first for C) and we would love to try TH! We have already done house sitting for three separate families in France (not on TH) and we loved the experience of a mutually beneficial exchange!

We are MAJOR cat people but we get mushy around doggies too! Our kitty Nala is staying with her grandparents in France while we travel because she is a very nervous cat. While this is very hard on us, we prefer to put her happiness before our own.

A little bit about our back story… in December we felt that our comfortable life in the south of France was no longer serving us and we felt called to sell our belongings, put the rest at the in-laws’ place, and go travel the world.

We began in Dominican Republic for 3 weeks, then Costa Rica for a couple months, Greece for a month, and we spent a couple months in France this summer which is where we did some house sitting for people we knew that were going on vacation and needed someone to watch their house and their pets. And now we are in Thailand for a month and a half before we head to Australia and then maybe Vanuatu? We shall see!!!

So glad to meet you all and we are super excited about this new experience!


@ValetCaro welcome to the forum! You are going to find some great information here from seasoned sitters and pet parents/owners who can answer most any question you might have. Seems you’ve already had quite a bit of travel under your belt so that part will be easy!

The next step is to sign up with TrustedHousesitters so you can begin a great search of opportunities around the World…just perfect for digital nomads like yourselves. To do so, start at, choose the plan that’s right for you, then get started with a great profile.

Once you sign up, take a look at Trusted Tips - How to get started as a house sitter which will give you such great tips!

After you are all signed up, make sure you come back here and link your member profile to your forum profile for extra exposure to potential home sit. Just click How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile, follow the easy steps and you will be ready for great adventures!

Looking forward to seeing your posts from around the World!

Hi @ValetCaro,

I love your story and your drive to go see the world while including petsitting in the itinerary. My husband and I did a very similar thing for the year of 2018. We’re now settled down and have a baby but I always love to hear stories like yours. You’ll love Thailand our favorite was Chang Mai and Koh Phi Phi. Do you think you’ll do a full moon party? There’s loads of great sitting opportunities in Australia through THS (that’s where we had our first international sit.) I can’t wait to see where your adventure takes you.

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