The post-sit feedback/review reminder e-mails

Hi @Smiley I’m sure this will answer your question, it’s one a number of members have been asking …

Thank you but it was a team effort that solved the puzzle including you guys for raising the issue again even though we thought it was fixed, I was just the messenger :slight_smile: I love seeing the forum work for us all !


Thanks Vanessa but, no, I haven’t been getting email reminders to write a review for some time now and haven’t unsubscribed. What I do get after every sit is an email asking me to review TH, which is annoying, because I’ve done it once before and surely that’s enough? No point the same people keep reviewing TH, makes more sense for everyone to review it once otherwise the Statistics would be meaningless. Please can you ask TH to sort things out? Many thanks


@Smiley Hi there… we got to the bottom of this yesterday - there’s a reply where I tagged you which you’ll find in the thread above:

Here’s a link as well for ease: The post-sit feedback/review reminder e-mails - #16 by Vanessa-Admin

It was a glitch but it has been sorted now and is being monitored going forward :slight_smile: Have a lovely weekend.


Ok thanks Vanessa


Hi @Vanessa-Admin , think they need to keep monitoring. I finished another sit on Sunday, and no message as yet…
What I wondered before, if I’m not getting the reminder, does that mean my homeowner isn’t getting the reminder? I hate chasing people.

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Understand Jackie and let me check… I will pass this over to the team and get back to you. I believe the home owner side of things was working fine, unless they have unsubscribed to emails at any time.

Hi Jackie… just had word back from MS that this is fixed again. So sorry you’ve had the problem again. The homeowner will have had hers as long as she hasn’t unsubscribed.

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