Therapy dog trainer in Washington, DC, new to global housesitting

I’m Carole, and for about 20 years I adopted standard poodles who were retired from showing, and trained them as therapy dogs. They went with me to nursing homes, veterans organizations, and private homes. I’ve always had cats, and currently have one senior male tripod cat, and a cute little female foster kitty who came to us all the way from Cairo, Egypt! I work with various rescue groups, and currently support Val Garcia and Helping Homeless Felines. Happy to be part of this group, and I want to learn about petsitting worldwide.


@Georgetownpets Hello Carole,

I would like to extend you a very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum community. It is a great place to connect with other members and find answers to your housesitting question. You can search for previous topics by using the spyglass.

I can see you have a wealth of experience and it is amazing that you have worked with so many charities and rescue groups. I would love to see a photo of your current kitties and wow a foster all the way from Egypt!

As you have already joined the website, you can also add a link to your sitter’s profile to your forum profile. That way other members can view it and give you helpful tips and advice to get started on your sitting adventures.

Here is a link that tells you how:

Best wishes to you and your kitties.


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Thank you for the lovely welcome and the profile tips. I updated my profile accordingly. Looking forward to diving in.

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@Georgetownpets wow your profile looks great and I am sure that some other members will check it out and give you feedback. One thing to consider is that you have a great first picture (I am a total bookworm!), but the second one with your poodles is magical and we have found that owners like seeing pets in the first picture. Just a consideration.
Let us know when you get your first housesit and what pets you will be caring for :slight_smile:

I’ll make that change right now! Thank you for great advice.

Hello @Georgetownpets and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
I jus had a peruse of your profile and it looks great, as @Carla-Moderator mentioned, you have a fabulous first photo.
Whereabouts are you hoping to secure your first sit? :earth_americas::blush:

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I don’t know where I want to go first! I’m looking for someone to take care of my community house while I’m away, so that’s step one. Once I have someone identified, I’ll start looking, but I’m thinking Arizona, California, Utah, that sort of thing. I’d love to find some cool little towns in the Southwest. Thank you for asking.

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Hi @Georgetownpets. Gosh, I almost feel TH is lucky to have you, whereas normally it’s the other way around. Lol. Win-win.

I’m a cat person, but thank you for training those therapy dogs.

If you’re looking for someone to care for your home, does that mean you’re also a Pet Parent on TH? Even if you don’t have animals at home, I think you can still list on TH.

I briefly read your incredible profile. Love the story at the end; reminds me of my mom. As for horses, I once went on a wild-mustang trip in California near Bishop. The pack station there has a few options. Let me see if I can find a couple links: