View from my window

Enjoying our time in Comox, with another little Canadian kitty :black_cat:. Sharing some more quiet days and cat lap naps :blush:

This is the first time visiting Vancouver, and we just love this part of the world!


This is the most unusual view I have ever had from my window. :laughing: It’s not at a house sit, it was a one night stop over in a hotel in Malaga. I arrived at 3am, I was on the first floor, the shutter was down, but I pulled it up slightly to see what I would be looking out at when I woke up. Probably a good job that I did, imagine if I had pulled up the shutter in the morning not realising I needed to be presentable. :scream:

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@Jilly It looks like you are under house arrest with those bars!! :joy: We got quite a shock when we arrived in China to find many hotels didn’t have windows to the outdoors … very disconcerting… at least you can see a way out :slight_smile: Enjoy Olvira … you are in an area I love (I lived not far from there in a past life) … reminds me I need to get back to Spain again soon! Happy weekend!

Just back from a short break in Bastia, Corsica where this was our view for the week.
We spent many hours in the early evening gazing across to the citadel, drinking wine and nibbling on locally made “fromage de brevis” (sheep cheese). Heaven!


Sounds Lovely and looks like a great place for a good restorative rest. Welcome back.


Current bedroom view from my sit in Greece.


This is the view from our window this morning. Last night we arrived in Serres, a city in northern Greece. We have come to collect Karyo’s mum - we are taking her to spend a couple of weeks in Athens. We could not believe it when she casually dropped into conversation that the last time she was in Athens was 57 years ago when she met her then, husband-to-be. So we decided a trip down memory lane is well overdue!


Hi Colin and Karyo - you made it! Have a wonderful time in Greece. I bet she was overjoyed to see you both.


Have a wonderful time in Athens taking Karyo’s mother down memory lane @Colin.

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We just left Athens yesterday. Such a beautiful country. We want to go back and see more of it. Lovely people also.
Our guide brought us to a wonderful restaurant in Athens called Manhmanh a true gem!

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Looks lovely @ntrlvr … I’m going to tag @Colin in case he misses this, as I think he’s headed Athens way :slight_smile:


Hi @ntrlvr - sorry we missed you! -we are in Athens until 11th November so plenty of time to check out your recommendation :grinning:


Thank you Vanessa

A room with a view, Addie & Phoebe :dog: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not my current view but a firm favorite of mine … can anyone guess where it is I’m sitting?

Clue: This Island in the Puget Sound has two sister cities, one in France

France & one in Nicaragua Nicaragua


@Angela_L I think it looks like Bainbridge Island which I believe is twinned with Nantes in France :fr:

In one @Samox24 … Beautiful Bainbridge Island. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful places beautiful pets beautiful people.


Bainbridge Island WA - :us: :heart_eyes:


Beautiful! :heart:

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Cheating somewhat as it’s not a current photo but a sit we did earlier this year in Edinburgh (does anyone else struggle with the chaos of a vast iCloud library?)
How fantastic is this view of Arthur’s Seat, right from the kitchen window?