View from my window

View from my window today. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Someone took my boat out without asking!! :joy: It’s a hard life pet sitting some days.



@systaran very tranquil :slightly_smiling_face:

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While Storm Babette was wreaking havoc on the East Coast of Scotland and South of the border we were incredibly lucky, thank goodness and had the most beautiful clear skies and sunshine, I even managed to hang washing out.


You live in a beautiful area of Scotland, Angela :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am just having a quiet Sunday, we have had a huge week, so are all hanging out in our own rooms in our own spaces this afternoon, also I tripped on a rug and injured my Knee, so am resting my mini football while I dip back into the Forum and listen to music, anyways.
Out of my Window right now, I keep seeing Squirrels running along the top of the fence to one of the tree’s outside my bedroom window that has nut’s/berries idk, they are very active right now getting on to dusk, even if they are grey ones, they are still cute.
What about you?
Have a great Sunday evening where ever and what ever you are doing.


Nothing, it’s dark

We’re on a sit in Barcelona currently. The view out of our window is stunning :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi @Manda … lovely post and really belongs with other member’s Window Views … here View from my window … we don’t want your view to be a lone one … Have yourself a wonderful Sunday evening too :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just checked in aboard the historic ship Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, after my latest sit. I pay my own way to play tourist, because I usually telecommute from all of my sits.

This view is from one of the portholes from my rooms. I booked two different rooms on separate days, because the cabins are unique. This is the second of two.


sausalito, california

this is part of the view. I tried to upload a video, but the system would not let me. 180 degree view similar to this!


I’m so pleased you are staying onboard the Queen Mary @Maggie8K and I hope you are enjoying your time onboard as much as we did! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Samox24 Yes, thanks again for your recommendation. I’m geeking out on its rich history. Love that sort of thing.

It’s very busy aboard. Apparently they reopened in May, post epidemic, and many guests have shown up. That’s great to see, because it must cost a fortune to keep the ship going.


Awe, stunning, enjoy x

Wow, gorgeous, enjoy
Happy Sitting

Wow, wonderful, enjoy.
Happy Sailing x

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Ah, Very nice, Enjoy.
Happy Sitting

Lovely, it was a cracking day in the UK, just what we all needed after Storm Babette.
Enjoy. x

Hi @Maggie8K and you are very welcome. I’m so happy you are enjoying the experience. :blush:

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