What is wrong with my favourites list?

I have lots of sits saved as favourites. I filtered them today to show sits currently seeking a sitter.
I got 29 results but when I go through them 27 of them say ‘currently not in need of a sitter’. So only 2 actually seeking a sitter. Anyone else having this problem?

When I’m on the app and I check √ currently seeking a sitter, it always seems to include some that do not need one. I don’t know why, but it’s always done that as long as I’ve used the app. (ETA: it’s slightly annoying but not too much so. I can still see all my favourites which are currently needing sitters and there are far fewer of ones who don’t. I just scroll past those ones.)

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I’m not expecting miracles but 27 errors out of 29 results is simply ludicrous. :woman_shrugging:

One or two errors could be overlooked but 27 out of 29? Something is seriously wrong!

I just tested it.

I have 347 favourites. If I filter for those with current dates, I get 35. Of those, 18 actually have current dates and 17 don’t.

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That’s dreadful. Do you know how we report stuff like this?

Hi @Jilly the forum posts are followed by the team but I’ll also tag @Therese-Moderator and she will put in a report when she is next online on Monday.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

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@Snowbird thank you.


Hi @Jilly thank you @Snowbird I will have to ask our tech team to look into this. @Jilly I will email you directly from membership services, so please look out for this, as we need screenshots for our tech team to recreate this, so they can investigate this further. Best wishes Therese

@Therese-Moderator I haven’t seen an email yet. Checked my junk mail but nothing there either.

@Jilly this is still happening to my favorites