10 Steps to choose a THS

I 've sixty six (66) rated THS sits and have always wondered How I was Chosen? Now I’m an owner looking for a sitter, and thought I’d share the experience.

Step 1: Setting up the Profile TIP: Max out # of GOOD pictures.
Step 2: Make sure you KNOW what dates you need a sitter. TIP: Don’t Guess, but leave a day or two at the front and back ends of so you can make small adjustments
Step 3. Publish the Ad: 5 weeks in Advance. Waiting until the week before departure won’t allow you much choice If you get any; TIP Longer advance is good, but also invites more risk that the sitter’s schedule will change.
Step 4. Invite Sitters from a nearby state/country.
Step 5. Use the Search Filters: State, Pet, Time Frame
Step 6. Think about the most important thing you want in a sitter; Experience, for example.
Step 7. Scroll through the filtered sitters, and click the “Love” button, for example, on all sitters with +20 reviews.
Step 8. Send an invitation to all the “Love” profiles. All these invites show up in your sent messages. TIP Filter your “Love” messages.
Step 9. WAIT a few days until you have received responses from at least half of your “Love” messages
Step 10. Decide

No luck with your highest sitter standards? Then lower them; for example begin to “Love” sitters with between 10-15 reviews, and start again at STEP 7


I was feeling really proud of my 3 reviews. I guess I have more work to do.


@IHeartAnimals Experience is only the example I’m using. One’s Review numbers aren’t the only Top Criteria, but owners that choose sitters must have something to narrow down their choice. I could have used age, gender, etc.

But you do have more work to do depending on your location. If you’re the only sitter in your state, then your The One. I hope you continue to be proud of EACH of your reviews: as much for your next one as your last


… and so you should @IHeartAnimals, we all started in the same place and as @Samson says no matter how many reviews we have we can still take pride in each one :wink:


You are doing really well @IHeartAnimals . Three is enough for any home host to have confidence in you. Any extra now from now on is just an added bonus and help to keep your reviews current


Day 1: 50% Declined invite sent to 26 sitters with +20 reviews. Boo Hoo! :roll_eyes:

Hope someone can make me feel better about my listing, mental health, and my life then dry my tears. Oh, Cruel World!

I’ll give the other 50% the weekend to give it a think, then lower the bar to +15 reviews.

Hi @Samson, have you posted your listing on the website as it sounds like you are just inviting sitters? This is not the easiest way to get a sitter as we save listings because we cannot do the dates listed. You will get far more exposure by posting your listing! Good Luck!


I’m doing both (Inviting and Posting the listing). I agree that an Owner receives more exposure to their listing. However, I just want to record in this thread my experience Inviting a THS for the first time.

But, since you brought it up, @temba ,I’ve not received any response from posting the listing. So far, there has been no difference between Listing and Inviting.

I do hope you have success @Samson using either method.

The way they respond to my ad is more important to me than the number of reviews as long as they have some and they’re specific and excellent. I also value how they communicate. I wouldn’t reach out to sitters unless I don’t get any applications.


I think sometimes newer sitters are better. It will be even more important for them to get excellent reviews so it could be a safer bet they are more reliable and will do a great job. Alternative perspective. Also something I hope for since we don’t do as frequent sits as people who do this full time.:blush:


We can’t give feedback on your listing because you haven’t linked it to your profile here.

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Oh goodness, I don’t know that I think someone needs an endless amount of reviews to be chosen. My batting average has been 100% ever since I got my first (glowing) review. I attribute this more to the very personalized and detailed messages that I send with applications - mentioning pets by name, acknowledging responsibilities, genuine compliments and directly connecting my experience with the situation (I.e it’s a senior pet and I have a soft spot for senior pets. It’s an active dog and I love long walks, etc
Etc) . I probably spend 15 mins or more on an application and I think that is what makes homeowners feel comfortable and positive about talking with me further. Then, being personable and asking the right questions during a video or phone call. Granted I’m not a homeowner but if I were, once I saw someone had 3 positive reviews and their profile reflected a genuine love of animals and attributes of responsibility, more reviews wouldn’t make a difference to me.


As a HO I wouldn’t expect any positive responses from sitters who have liked my profile following individual invitations. They get notified when I post dates so if they were interested they would apply speedily. Good luck @Samson though I feel your 10 steps are somewhat unrealistic. For me 2/3 positive reviews are more than sufficient and I also try to give newbies a chance if their application fits my needs - how else are they going to get reviews if HOs don’t give them the opportunity to sit. Maybe it’s a British bat for the underdog thing :joy:


@Samson , I know you’re not a newbie as a sitter, but as a pet/home owner, you may want to consider adding your listing to your forum profile. As you know, it will increase the exposure and your listing may benefit from some helpful feedback. The instructions;
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

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Did you check the sitters availability before sending invitations?

Good Question @Silversitters No I do not check availability. The only criteria for contact I’m using is experience. Why? Not only because there’s value in experience (and we could debate this issue in a number of other threads), but because it is Very EASY to compare sitter experience on THS since it is information given without needing to open their profiles.

If a sitter with three (3) recommendations happens to respond, I’d definitely do a “deeper dive,” into their profile, and may even choose them. After only a couple of days, this has not been an issue. Recommendation number is a simple way to narrow the number of invites one sends.

Another point to consider @Samson is by inviting sitters with 20+ excellent reviews, they are more likely to be actively sitting and already booked for sits. By checking their availability as @Silversitters suggests, it may save you wasting time and effort contacting them.


You could be right. I’m experimenting with the method anyway, and after 5 weeks you and I will know. As I’ve noted already, Any sitter can reply to my listing, but I’m also sending invites

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Maybe a suggestion for THS to add the function to allow HOs to filter for sitters that have saved you and are available for dates you require ? That would save a lot of time .