Android app being buggy

Ugh. I mentioned the same problem in December: Android app being buggy - #12 by Lassie

Yeah, it’s been terrible for two weeks and my phone has even started telling me how the app keeps crashing. Its’ AWFUL. And it is definitely NOT my phone. All of my other apps work just fine. I have even had owners complain to me about it.

Hi All. Tech is aware of these problems and is working to solve them as soon as possible.
I have given them the additonal information re phone type.
We really do apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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I’m still having bug issues when replying to messages on app. I have an android. Website okay, yet cannot see entire message threads.

Hi @Catgoddess_99. I can’t help with Android app issues, but I should be able to debug website issues with you.

You can PM/Message and then we can send screenshots more easily, or just reply here with more info. For example, include a screenshot where you think there’s missing info.

Even on my iPhone, I can view the TH website there and use my Inbox fine to see entire message threads.

This probably needs to be moved to the correct topic…
I’ve already seen posts about the app crashing and I’ve just experienced the following…
I received an invitation to sit. I have tried to respond with a message, but it freezes as I’m typing, then crashes. This keeps happening and they are now 'reviewing applications ’ which means I’ve missed the boat. It also means they’ll think I’m rude as I haven’t bothered to reply!
Assume I’ll have the same issue if I try to apply for a sit?
When is this going to be fixed?

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My understanding is that if you are sent an invitation to apply, you can still do so even if they already have 5 applicants. So once the app stabilizes, you should be able to move forward.

I imagine they’ll have chosen a sitter by the time its fixed…

Hi @Dawnie I’m so sorry you are having issues. We have reported this directly to the tech support team as we cannot help with this via the Forum. Tech support will pick up when they are back online. Thank you for your patience.

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I still have the same problem trying to reply. I now have a standard copy and paste reply which I use as typing anything longer than a few words is hopeless so I have given up.


Thank you. I’ve seen this reported for some time, so not holding out much hope for a fix sadly

@Dawnie, Hi we’re sorry you’re having these issues, Julie reported to the tech squad, in order to investigate they would like the following info: device/OS/app version?

Please reply here or Direct Message me if you’d prefer.

Thank you

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