Availability calendar

I just tried to block out some dates as “unavailable” on my THS calendar and found out I couldn’t do it. How absurd and stupid… whoever designs this feature…what are they thinking? I have NEVER seen an availability calendar like that.

I have some plans (not sitting-related) for the future months so I should be able to block out certain dates as unavailable. Why am I not allowed to do it on THS?

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This has been a bone of contention since the Forum started.
I was invited to a live survey supposedly about the calendar. When I mentioned it I was told that this was not priority anymore and may be scrapped.
They need to do one thing or another as it is not fit for purpose in its current state

I also had a phone call re Ben and team re the calendar. They asked if there was any point in having it and I really don’t think there is considering it’s too cumbersome and not user friendly at all to maintain.

I would support having it, but certainly not the way it is now.
It can be very useful if HOs can see if I am available before inviting me to a sit (or asking me to sit again). It can save time on both sides.
Please give us a decent calendar where dates can be blocked out. Is it too much to ask for when we pay USD200 a year for the membership?

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I have just been invited to two sits in less than two hours!!! When will I be able to cross out my unavailable dates on my calendar!!!???

@MissRien you can’t cross out dates in your calendar. Dates can only be crossed out by the THS system when you have confirmed sits with THS. The default white dates generally mean you are unavailable but as few sitters proactively use the clunky calendar white dates become meaningless.