Have you heard of Delaware?

Who types in Delaware for a location to sit? We have a lot to offer for a sitter and only one super cute and easy to care for dog. If anyone knows how to generate interest in a lesser known, but awesome place please let me know. Thanks!

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We are sailors so of course we have heard of Delaware. It’s the other side of the Chesapeake. We have sailed up Delaware Bay many times and into the canal. A lovely area with lots to offer. Fingers crossed you get an outstanding sitter.

I just applied for a sit in Delaware but did not search for the state. I was looking specificially for a local for a beach though.

@Jennifergo , welcome back, it’s been a while. I have searched for sits in Delaware and had a very memorable and enjoyable sit there. You can start by adding your listing to your forum profile. Here’s how to do that:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile.

This will get you more exposure – readers of the forum may even be interested in sitting for you. And you will also be able to receive suggestions that may improve your listing. And I’d like to see your cute dog!

Her listing is already in her profile link. Can you see it? maybe it just takes the system a moment or two to get it up.

Great! It’s there now, it wasn’t there when I wrote that post!

That’s what I thought but just wanted to double check I had the link correct.

@Jennifergo , you have an awesome sit! Sophie is gorgeous and your home and setting are outstanding. Anyone would be lucky to sit for you! How long can Sophie be left alone? You may want to be more specific than “a few hours.”


Delaware is one of my saved search locations, I love to visit there. I hope one day it will be on a sit for you!

Hello @Jennifergo,

Your sit looks great! Our only holdbacks are that we are currently booked through the first of next year and the car issue. We’re traveling the world pet sitting so we don’t have a car and renting one would be cost prohibitive.

We are looking at a stint in the US focusing on New England and would love a sit in Delaware.

I’m sure you’ll find a great sitter!

Dan and Nan

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I search/decide mostly by date vs location! I’m on a rotational schedule so I know my availability for the forseeable future and if Delaware popped up with dates that match my days off…then to Delaware I go! :grin:

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I’m in Delaware right now, starting a sit at Rehobeth Beach tomorrow. I’m excited to be here. We had lunch in a really cute town named Easton today. Lots of fish dishes and a really nice vibe to the town.


We would be interested in Delaware depending on dates… we occasionally travel to Baltimore to visit our daughter & grandpuppy… so Delaware would be easy for us to come. We recently lost our 20 year old fur baby and miss her so much so we would love to watch your baby! We are currently in Baltimore

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I love Delaware and frequently travel there, usually late summer/early fall (I’m a beach-loving kayaker). I’ve favorited your listing. Perhaps our dates will coincide one day.

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Hi @Purplepatti ! Welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear of the loss of your precious fur baby but glad you’ve connected here. Many of us have gone through that loss. Taking care of others’ pets really helps with the grieving process.

May I suggest you read as much as you can on the forum? There is so much great info here. You can click on the little spyglass icon in the upper right and enter a search term or question and you’ll be presented with lots of interesting reading.

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Hey @AnnieNai , I was reading this and was telling Dave “hey there’s someone coming to Rehoboth Beach today”, then I laughed since your coming here to sit! Looking forward to meeting you both.

We housesat in Rehoboth Beach and it was amazing!

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It’s not so much putting “Delaware” in the search function but using the map to navigate, scroll. So people should see it if they’re searching the greater Mid-Atlantic.
As Mars says, it’s important to include how long the dog can be left alone. The traffic there to/from the beach is horrendous in summer, so if it’s just “a few hours,” that means no beach time.
I’d also want to know if the dog is OK being taken on car trips, say to explore Lewes.

One of our best sits was in Delaware! Mostly thanks to a great cat and his parents, but Delaware is nice too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just favorited your home, and Sophie’s adorable face! Delaware is beautiful and it looks like you have an amazing view. Someone would luck out to sit for you, and I hope I see dates pop up for you in the future!

I personally look for a mix of sits in the the city, small towns, international, US, etc. Speaking for myself, but also several sitter-friends, a few factors that would cross my mind and contribute to non-city sits are: distance from airport, transportation from airport, use of car included or is car rental required, length of sit. It certainly wouldn’t be lack of interest in DE, which is gorgeous, but more so cost and logistical factors that would make it viable. :smiley: