Hello from Glenfarg, Scotland

Hello. We’re Janet & Donald and we’ve just joined and are finding our way around the website and the forum.
We’re a retired couple who met in 2021 and married in 2023. Prior to that we, separately, had years of experience of caring for pets, both our own and those of others. Now we have a chance to both care for pets and indulge our passion for travel. We’re not into doing the ‘touristy’ things and the idea of travel for the purpose of looking after pets in their own home, which will be a new environment for us, greatly appeals to both of us.
We’re pleased to be here and hope we can link up with many of you in the weeks and months ahead.

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Hello Janet and Donald! Your story sounds much the same as ours. We have been the SIT and now are SITTERS

. We are visiting friends and family in Scotland in August 2023. Bernadine Davis-Turpin &Alan


Love Your Story! Congratulations to the Newlyweds ~ Happy Travel Days ~ Happy Pet Days Every Day!


Hello @theglenfargians, and welcome to the forum where you are going to find so much helpful and informative information from our members who are here to assist you along the way with your questions and/or concerns.

A great way for our other members to get to know you and be able to give you valuable feedback is to link your member profile to your forum profile. By doing so, they can easily click on your info and help you with valuable advice if you have concerns about your listing or questions on what might make it more appealing. It’s amazing how much valuable knowledge exists in this group. To link the two just click here How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum.

Once again, welcome to the family!


Hi @TheGlenfargians ,
I also want to welcome you and wish you congratulations on your marriage!
Get ready for fun and adventure!

You can use the little spyglass on the upper right to search any topic, question or search term you desire. There’s almost endless reading and so much helpful information here. Enjoy and don’t hesitate post any question, concern or idea you may have.


@Berna This is a fantastic photo :heart_eyes:


Hello @TheGlenfargians and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum and Congratulations on your marriage! :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your profile and it looks great and I see that you have a reference on there already which will certainly help when it comes to securing your first sit.

I have attached a thread you should find helpful

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Whereabouts will you be hoping to travel to? :earth_americas:

@Berna Great photo! :camera::blush:

Sorry, missed your question about where we want to travel. At the moment, as we’re just starting out, we are focusing on Scotland and the rest of the UK. But we’d like to move on to France, Spain, Italy etc (i.e. rest of Europe).
D & J

Thank you very much. That’s helpful.
D & J

@TheGlenfargians Sounds like a great plan! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome. My husband and I have been Housesitting for about 12 years and discovered Trusted Housesitters when I met someone at an event who couldn’t get a housesitter so we volunteered and discovered they were members of TH. The rest is history.
We did our first Housesit in Scotland last year and fell in love with Scotland and heading back to do another Housesit there.

Have fun.


Hi @TheGlenfargians it’s reassuring to see a near-neighbour on such an international group. We’re near Perth and fairly new here too. We’re registered as home/pet owners, so if you’re ever looking for a local gig, it would be familiar territory!
Hope you enjoy the experience, there seem to be great opportunities out there. It blows my mind that when we go to New Zealand, our sitters will be from Australia. I didn’t ever imagine that.


Thanks for your message, Janet. Good to hear from others.

We seem to have been quite lucky in that after one rejection, we have had four HOs looking to accept us as sitters. We hope to be able to do Housesits in mainland Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Austria, etc) once we find our feet on the site. I’m delighted that instead of pets coming to me (as happened with Barking Mad), I can now go to them. It’s a win:win for me.



@Scottish_cat_posse - What’s not to love about this? :rofl: We’re Australian sitting for British HO in Spain and American HO in France. All the pets understand English :crossed_fingers:

Hello there. Good to hear from you. We’re the new kids on the block and feeling our way on the website at the moment. However, glad that, after one rejection, we got 4 offers for sits in Scotland over the summer. Looking to get sits in mainland Europe in the future.