Hello from the Sunshine star of Florida

Hello all! My name is Vonnetta (aka Vonn) and I’m from the sunshine state of Florida.
I’m a traveling Cardiac Cath Technologist and have been in the medical field over 25 years. Excitingly, 10 of those years were being Active Duty Army. I love to travel and explore the outdoorsy adventures.

My love for animals go way back to my childhood where I was constantly bringing home stray cats. I’ve had the honor of having cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, and fish over the years.
I stumbled across trusted housesitters by word of mouth and thought to give it a try.

I’m currently taking a break from hospital work to pursue a much needed career change to work from home. Working from home will allow me to engage more in housesitting. I’m open to chat with anyone with solid remote job suggestions.

I look forward to meeting fellow housesitters!


Hello and a very hearty welcome Vonn @Vpowell10
You sound like someone I am getting to know well and she too has a somewhat similar but different history.
Also from Florida, an RN since 1990 and a travel nurse for 19 years, I did a stint at Bethesda Medical Center and Andrews Air Force base. Once I retired in 2018 and my daughter’s insistence, she had been traveling the world pet sitting many years, I dipped in very cautiously and life flourished in a manner I have never known.
Being a traveler, lover of adventure and animals makes one quite adaptable and I feel you too will fit right in to this very exciting part of life.
Best wishes Vonn and please drop us a line with your stories if you feel so inclined.


Hi Vonn! Nice to meet you! I’m trying to search for your profile to invite you to sit our Ramona in Colorado in October. We are from Florida as well!

Welcome to you both, @Vpowell10 and @Susithurman. I’m glad you found us here in the community forum.

One thing you could both do to make it easier for forum members to find you on the main TrustedHousesitters website it to include a link to your pages on the main website in your forum profiles.

Then you could ask forum members to review your main website pages and provide ideas of ways to make them shine even more. This has helped many of our members find more pet sits and pet sitters than they might have otherwise.

Thanks again for joining the conversation here on the forum. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your travels and pets (and seeing your pictures. We love pictures here on the forum) in the days to come.

Also @Vpowell10 you might want to look at this recent conversation about remote work.

Welcome @Vpowell10. I’m a relatively new member on THS (joined mid May). I have just arrived at my 5th sit since joining and have 2 more confirmed sits lined up before the year end. I’m not allowed animals in my current housing situation so for me it’s great to borrow other peoples fur babies and see new countries and places.
Love Florida especially round Miami. Was there for a few days on business just before the world shut down!


Hi :wave:t4:

Ouuuweee! Colorado sounds delightful.

I am trying to update my forum page to display my profile link. I should have it displayed today.

Thank you so much for reaching out and considering me for your housesit.


Hi @Vpowell10 I have fixed your THS profile link, members here on the forum can now meet you … welcome and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.