Moving w/ Dog to Scotland from Maui, at 59!

Hello Catrina ~ Wild and wonderful to hear from you!
I moved to Scotland, and am now beginning this move with 5 England-Sits to visit and explore my ancestral homelands first. My 6th Sit is in The Highlands, where I imagine I will settle and start my garden and home, and forest re-wilding work.

I moved here after living on Big Island, 6 months, and Maui for 15 years, learning, teaching and writing for the local newspaper about Permaculture Design. I left Maui after designing a 258-acre Regenerative Farming Community from 2012-2016, and moved to Scotland, but did not manage to arrange my citizenship from there, so returned to Maui until 2020. I went to visit a friend in Taos, NM, and got “Land of Entrapmented” in The Land of Enchantment, because I did not want to participate in any aspect of what I intuitively felt was an operation of evil. I took beautiful walks every day, focused on dogs, trees and birds, wrote songs with my teacher, who I begged to teach online for years. Thanks to the many blessings of The PlanDemic, she began teaching online. I loved out classes Mondays and Tuesdays evening on Zoom. I wrote 3 amazing songs, and recorded them 6 days ago. “Canary Down,” “As the Owl Flies,” + “Her Diamond Mind” about Elisa E, an mk Ultra from birth to age 46. (Our Life Beyond mkUltra being her 2 books, Book 1 + 2). Fascinating woman, healed the past 14 years, and a very beautiful Soul.

I moved to Scotland to organize trainings with Celtic Mystic Ger Lyons, who I trained with for 12 years on Maui and in Ireland. and to share my gifts for the healing I can offer in facilitation of Celtic Viking Mysticism workshops I call Core Clarity, and through my singing and songwriting, and Regenerative Farming Community Design; healing Souls and Soil!

Nothing could be better for me than to steep in Scotland and heal my ancestral roots.

See you here.
Claire + Tarkina

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Hello Angela ~ Here I am, in my new home, the UK,
surveying my kingdom:

Big love and snuggles,


Welcome Tarkina …

I think you are what we might call a “Watch Dog” :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :airplane:

So happy you arrived safely and in pawfect form.

Safe and happy travels

Love from your THS family


@anon84784007 that’s such a great photo of Tarkina :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Indeed, I am watch dog, serving in my duties well!

(She is. So sweet of you all. Thanks so much for noticing my girl.
She is loving her new life. No more deserts. It’s all lush grass and woodlands, absolute heaven for us both!)


Hi Claire, long time no communication, I trust you are well and having fun. I am now in the second week and final week of my first sit in North East France and I am happy to report all good. The crazy thing is that my next sit is in Southern Spain and 1680 Km away, I have however almost two weeks to get there so should be no problem. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please remind me how we can make direct contact. JN

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@Jeanav09 you can easily DM each other by clicking on the name and a page will come up with an area to send a private message.

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Hi Debbie,
Thank you for picking up on my question and giving me the answer.
I have a question for you, does THS have details of the next of kin of members, I was thinking if the worse were to happen, while am on a sit, would you be able to contact my next of kin to inform them? I cannot remember if that information was requested or not.
I look forward to your reply, thank you.
Kind regards

Hi @Jeanav09. Thanks for asking such an important question. Hopefully none of us will ever need it to be used, but TrustedHousesitters does have a place for you to name your emergency contact. They use this info when something terrible happens to a sitter on a sit, so it’s good to take a minute or two to let THS know who to contact and how.

Here’s a thread on how to name your emergency contact:

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Successful direct contact has been made. Thanks!

Treasured new friends for Tarkina
on our 1st ever and onward-ever-growing Trusted HouseSits:
#1, +
#2 = Jasper, Golden Retriever + Smoky and Rusty, 2 hens
#3 - Esther, Red Fox Labrador


Hi @anon84784007 such lovely photos! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so pleased your first sit went well and looking forward to seeing your photos from your upcoming sits :slightly_smiling_face: