Our THS pet-friendly virtual cafe!

We finally got around to ordering our Sitter’s Business Cards from Vistaprint today as @Silversitters and @Smiley also mentioned where they got theirs from too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @heidi_tolderlund a belated welcome to the forum. Thank you for dropping into the virtual cafe to introduce yourself. I really enjoyed reading your story. Have you joined up to THS or if you have any questions let us know.

Ambar sounds adorable and I am sure you will connect with some sitters if you and your family want to get away. There are also sitters on the forum who travel as a family if you ever want to try that as well. If you use the spyglass a few are about traveling with children or family-related topics you might find helpful.

Feel free to ask anything on this thread or start a new topic if you have a specific question. I would love to see a photo of Ambar :dog: :heart:


Hi all!

I’m new at THS, I can’t wait to do my first sitting! I’d appreciate any feedback of my profile :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Forum, @Rosario.Blanco! It’s great to have you here.

Have you accepted your first sit yet?


Hi, Jenny. Thanks!

Not yet, I started sending applications yesterday morning. I received one reply for a first video call and one rejection.

I’m super excited. Also, I’d use any piece of advice of experienced members to get ready for my first call! :star_struck:

Good luck @Rosario.Blanco!

Have you thought about starting a new topic to ask our members for some advice? If you prefer I could tag some of our experienced members here and see if they can share some tips!


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Will do! Thanks.

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While enjoying a lovely hazelnut coffee (with beans I grind myself!) I thought I’d share this cute photo of my old gentleman, Walter.

Clearly I’m being audited by the feline supurrvisory board today!


Hello to you all, im new to this site but i am going away at xmas and im terrified to leave my doggie max in kennels and a friend of mine recommended this lovely community so i thought id say hello and have a look around xx


Hello @Mitzey and welcome.

There are tons of topics to search on the forum to learn about THS.

I believe you can create a free account on THS web site and take a look at listings and sits with limitations not being a paid member.

On that same site you can read the member code of conduct and terms & conditions to help you understand the overall concept and commitments from both hosts and sitters.

Good luck.